Feb 23, 2023

Wisconsin Artist Sells at Sotheby’s Thanks to NFTs

Artist Name: Grant Riven Yun

Location: Milwaukee

Date of first NFT minted: Feb. 3, 2021

Blockchains used: Ethereum, Counterparty (Bitcoin)

Who is Grant Yun?

Grant Yun is an ambitious artist from Wisconsin who has been passionate about art since he was young. He has always dreamed of having his work featured in a major auction house. In addition to his art, Yun is a breakdancer who has competed all over the United States and is currently studying medicine.

When Yun discovered NFTs two years ago, he saw the potential to accelerate his art career. With his minimalist style, which evokes nostalgic vibes, and his witty personality on Twitter, Yun has quickly become a popular name in the digital art world. His artwork was featured in the Xperience Digital Art Auction at Sotheby’s in October 2022, a feat he achieved in just two years.

Yun credits NFTs for his success, noting that it shouldn’t take a decade to achieve what he has. His style is minimalist and nostalgic, featuring a limited amount of details and a color palette inspired by Nintendo games.

Notable Sales

Yun’s artwork has been selling for high prices. “The Alien” from the series “Space” sold for 136.9 ETH on July 28, 2022 ($236,217 equivalent on date of sale). “Laundry” from the series “Northeast” sold for 70 ETH on Jan. 28, 2023 ($115,182 equivalent on date of sale). “Casa Roja” from “Grant Yun Early Works” sold for 25 ETH on Jan. 8, 2023 ($31,596.50 equivalent on date of sale). “En Route #7” from the “Grant Yun x Avant Arte” collection sold for 16 ETH on Jan. 3, 2023 ($19,426 equivalent on date of sale).


Yun draws his inspiration from traditional art, particularly the work of American Gothic painter Grant Wood and pop artist Ed Ruscha. He also enjoys leaving “crypto-related things” in his illustrations.

Yun recommends Mpkoz as an artist to watch out for, particularly for their “Chimera” collection. He also praises Summer Wagner, an emerging NFT photographer.


Yun likes to create work in a series and is inspired by the everyday moments he experiences in Wisconsin. He tries to create compositions that embody the themes he is working on and that tell a story.

The Artist/Collector Relationship

Yun believes that the artist-collector relationship is completely different in the NFT world than in the traditional art world. He attributes his success in part to his presence on social media, but recognizes that not everyone is as technologically savvy or as active on Twitter.

NFTs have opened up a new world of possibilities for artists and collectors alike, providing an opportunity to connect and engage in a way that was not possible before. With the right promotion and marketing, Yun believes that anyone can succeed in the NFT space.

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