Mar 03, 2023

Trezor Warns of Phishing Attack Targeting Private Keys

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider Trezor is warning its users of a phishing attack targeting their crypto investments. The attack is attempting to steal their private keys by making them enter their recovery phrase on a fraudulent Trezor website.

On Feb. 28, Trezor took to Twitter to caution users of the active phishing campaign. The attackers are posing as Trezor and contacting victims via phone calls, texts, or emails, claiming there has been a security breach or suspicious activity on their Trezor account.

“Please ignore these messages as they are not from Trezor,” Trezor declared on Twitter, adding that the firm had not found any evidence of a database breach.

The phishing attack involves users being directed to a domain asking them to enter their recovery seed. The domain provides a fake Trezor website prompting users to secure their wallets by clicking the “start” button. After clicking the “Start” button, users are asked to provide the recovery phrase for their cryptocurrency wallet.

The wallet’s recovery phrase, also known as private keys, is the most important part of self-custody, or “being your own bank” by keeping your crypto on a software or hardware non-custodial wallet. If the private keys are stolen, it means that crypto holdings no longer belong to their original owner.

The news of this phishing attack comes shortly after metaverse firm The Sandbox suffered a data breach on Feb. 26, which resulted in a phishing email sent to users.

Trezor wallets were also targeted with phishing attacks in April 2022, with attackers posing as the company and asking users to download a fake Trezor app.

In 2020, rival hardware wallet firm Ledger suffered a massive data breach, with attackers publicly exposing personal information of more than 270,000 Ledger customers.

To protect users from such attacks, Trezor suggests that users always double-check the authenticity of a website before entering any sensitive information. They also advise users to never share their recovery phrase with anyone, including Trezor employees.

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By taking the right steps to protect their crypto investments, users can ensure their funds are safe and secure.

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