Feb 23, 2023

Titanic Artifacts to be Tokenized with Blockchain Tech

A unique partnership between RMS Titanic (RMST), Hong Kong-based Venture Smart Financial Holdings, and Web3 firm Artifact Labs is set to tokenize precious artifacts from the Titanic using blockchain technology, allowing for shared ownership of select artifacts from the sunken vessel.

RMST, the exclusive holder of the rights to recover artifacts from the Titanic and its wider debris field, will team up with Venture Smart Financial Holdings to structure the tokenization of intellectual property linked to the artifacts. The tokenized assets will be offered to accredited investors to fund ongoing research, recovery, preservation, exhibition, and licensing of RMST’s assets.

Meanwhile, Artifact Labs will use its in-house NFT blockchain system to create nonfungible tokens (NFTs) for 5,500 recovered artifacts from the Titanic. Future artifacts found in the wreckage will also be minted as NFTs, with exclusive benefits for collectors such as VIP events and exhibitions, seminars with historians, and other exclusive experiences. The NFTs will also create a digital means to interact with RMST content outside of physical exhibitions in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

In addition, Artifact Labs is planning to create the Titanic DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to allow members to participate in various initiatives and proposals for future exhibitions to the Titanic site, as well as the development of educational programs, digital content, documentaries, research, partnerships, and events. The DAO treasury will be managed by members using governance tokens and funded through proceeds of NFT sales.

The goal of the initiative is to preserve the Titanic’s legacy and artifacts through digital innovations like NFTs and blockchain technology, with RMST President Jessica Sanders noting that “moving into the digital space allows us to reach a broader audience with quality programming that educates and inspires.”

The tokenization of artifacts from the Titanic is a perfect example of how NFTs can be used to enable shared ownership of valuable items. It also serves as a great example of how NFT marketing can be used to promote a brand or product, as the tokenization of these artifacts will no doubt attract attention from the crypto and web3 space.

The partnership between RMST, Venture Smart Financial Holdings, and Artifact Labs is an exciting development that could pave the way for more innovative NFT marketing initiatives. With the help of an experienced NFT marketing agency, companies can leverage NFTs to promote their products or services and reach a larger audience.

For those interested in selling NFTs, the Titanic’s tokenization project could be a great source of inspiration. NFTs provide a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of digital assets, and the Titanic’s tokenization project serves as a great example of how NFTs can be used to create engaging experiences and unlock shared ownership of valuable items.

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