Mar 07, 2023

Thousands Flock to ETHDenver for Networking and Fun

The ETHDenver conference was held in Denver, Colorado from Feb. 24 to Mar. 5, and it saw thousands of developers, hackers, and crypto and blockchain enthusiasts flock to the United States city. To accommodate the influx of people, Jessy organized four ‘hacker houses’ that hosted 50 participants from the ETHDenver conference and BUIDLWeek.

Cointelegraph had the opportunity to visit one of the houses on Feb. 28, and Jessy and her co-organizer Waylon Jepsen were busy ensuring that the guests were comfortable and had everything they needed.

Jessy had been working at a venture capital firm in 2022 when the last ETHDenver conference was held. At that time, many people based abroad posted on social media looking for a place to stay in the Colorado capital city, and Jessy and her house guests tested positive for COVID-19 but still managed to network and develop projects.

According to Jessy, the motivation for hosting the houses was to get to know interesting people and find potential co-founders. The four houses were funded by sponsors in the blockchain space, and around 300 technical-minded individuals applied for a place to stay and network.

Though there were financial incentives for participating in the hacker houses, such as connecting with VCs and potential co-founders, Jessy said that the primary goal was to make long-term friends. The interview process was designed to select people who fit the vibe and are genuine and scrappy in the space.

ETHDenver concluded on March 5, and while the official attendance numbers have not been released, it is estimated that over 30,000 people registered for the conference. Other large crypto and wallet-related conferences in the near future include Paris Blockchain Week and Consensus in Austin, Texas.

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