Mar 09, 2023

Terrell Jones Captures Nostalgia with Classic Gangster Film Influences

Michigan-born Terrell Jones has a style that captures the imagination and nostalgia of classic gangster films. He is about to auction his second piece at Sotheby’s and has developed a patented “soft-shell taco method” to attract the attention of notable collectors.

Jones’ visually distinct style is complemented by his ability to tell stories through his art, such as “Evil in Colour” and “Good and Evil”. His sales have been soaring in the last two months and interest in his work is growing.

“A big thing for me has always been to try to connect my stories and images with a deeper part of everyone. With the way things are moving now and with so many artists, people are probably seeing more art within a day than you probably would have seen within a year. It’s been a big shift,” Jones says.

Like Grant Yun, Jones is a big fan of drawing on evocative memories and a sense of longing for the past. He describes his style as a blend of pop art from the ‘80s, which he calls “Pop-Precisionism”.

American visual artist George Condo is Jones’ No. 1 influence, but he also gives shoutouts to Edward Hopper, Hiroshi Guy, David Hockney, Phil Hale and Yue Minjun. Jones also admires Takashi Murakami and Mpcoz for their amazing work in NFTs.

Jones’ style is simplistic yet fascinating, and he is working to capture the feeling of nostalgia and imagination that kids have when anything seems possible. He recently collaborated with the NFT project Aku Akutars, founded by former Major League Baseball player Micah Johnson.

Notable sales include “The Maestro”, sold for 24.90 ETH on 12 January, 2023 ($35,283 equivalent on date of sale); “The Standoff”, sold for 18 ETH on 16 February, 2023 or $30,130 equivalent on date of sale; and “American Dream Life”, sold for HKD$177,800 on 28 February, 2023. This was $22,651 equivalent on date of sale.

Inspiration for Jones’ creativity comes from classic crime and gangster films, and he uses the tool Procreate to bring his creativity alive. His “soft-shell taco method” of subtly getting his art in front of the right people has been effective, and VincentVanDough was the notable NFT collector whose interest helped Jones rise up the ranks.

Jones recommends three artists to watch out for: Kodak LDN, a Nigerian animator; Niah, an Australian artist; and Rozwell, a creator.




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