Feb 27, 2023

Solana Network Suffers Setback, Community Questions Top 10 Rank

As the Solana network faced yet another setback, the crypto community took to social media to voice their concerns. Members of the community compared Solana to other projects such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, and questioned its status as a top cryptocurrency.

It all started on Feb. 25, when the Solana network suffered from performance degradation issues, resulting in transaction disruptions and prompting validators to opt for a network restart. NFT artist Crypto Tea took to Twitter to express her frustration, asking how the Solana blockchain made it to the top 10 list while having such performance issues.

Solana Mobile developer Andrew Watson responded to Crypto Tea’s tweet, saying that they chose “security over liveness” and that they are “in it for the long haul.” Other community members chimed in, raising concerns about the implications of the incident on decentralized finance protocols.

A Twitter user also compared Solana to Ethereum and Bitcoin, saying that while Ethereum went with the slow but sure route, Solana chose to move fast while sometimes breaking. A Bitcoin supporter also pointed out how Bitcoin (BTC) never needs a restart in the midst of Solana’s network issues.

On Feb. 27, the Solana Foundation released an update about the issue. According to the team, the Solana Mainnet Beta was successfully restarted on Feb. 26, and “no confirmed user transactions were rolled back or impacted.” However, the root cause of the problem remains unknown and is still under investigation.

The Solana blockchain has had some notable outages through the years. In Sept. 2021, a major outage was caused by a denial-of-service attack by bots spamming Raydium. On May 2022, bots invaded the network, causing a 7-hour outage. In June 2022, a consensus failure due to a bug caused another outage, driving SOL’s price down.

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