Feb 28, 2023

Solana Labs CEO Dismisses Claims of Network Outages

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder and CEO of the web3 agency Solana Labs, has addressed speculation that the network outages that have plagued the platform are a result of a high volume of validator messages and on-chain voting clogging its consensus layer.

The debate started on Feb. 27 when Twitter user DBCryptoX suggested that the many outages experienced by Solana could be attributed to its decision to include on-chain votes as transactions. The post was met with criticism from other users, including Yakovenko, who responded by claiming that the theory was born of “pure ignorance”.

Yakovenko went on to explain that the votes are part of a “single giant quorum” and contribute to the system’s “exceptional level of security and high throughput and low fees”. He did not, however, refute DBCryptoX’s argument that up to 95% of transactions on Solana are validator messages and on-chain votes, which are bogging down the system.

Software engineer Alex Kroeger of Solana-powered Wallet Phantom also commented on the post, noting that there is likely no single cause of the network outages and that validators of proof-of-stake systems need a lot of network communication to achieve validation.

The network officially restarted on late Feb. 25, but it appears as though members of the cryptocurrency community are getting tired of the frequent network outages on Solana.

The issue of network outages is especially pertinent for those in the web3 space looking to promote and sell NFTs. With the rise of NFTs, the need for a reliable network to handle the transactions is becoming increasingly important. As such, many NFT marketers and agencies are turning to Twitter for NFT marketing to ensure that their clients’ NFTs are properly promoted and sold.

For those looking to engage in NFT marketing, it is important to ensure that the platform you are using is reliable and secure. With the recent outages, it is clear that Solana is not the most reliable network, and it is important to consider other options when looking for an NFT marketing agency.

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