Mar 01, 2023

Solana Improves Network Stability After Outage

The Solana network has recently experienced a slowdown in block production following its 1.14 network update on February 25th. Validators were quick to act, downgrading the software to restore performance levels. On February 28th, Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder and CEO of Solana Labs, released a statement outlining a six-step plan to improve the network’s stability as it continues its transition.

The plan includes the formation of an adversarial team, which comprises one-third of the Solana engineering team. This team is responsible for building additional hooks and instrumentation into the validator code, as well as targeting any potential exploits within the underlying protocols. Furthermore, the plan includes the development of new tools and the implementation of local fee markets, alongside the creation of a second validator client by Jump Crypto’s firedancer team and Mango DAO developers.

Yakovenko further clarified that on-chain voting was not the cause of the slowdown, and that an investigation is still underway to determine the cause. In response, the community was mixed, with some users expressing their enthusiasm for the roadmap, and others questioning the integrity of Solana.

The Solana ecosystem call is planned for March 2nd, in which the state of the ecosystem will be discussed. Additionally, Helium Network’s communications protocol intends to migrate to the Solana blockchain to deploy oracles on March 27th.

As the Solana network continues to grow, the need for stability and security is paramount. The recent network upgrades and the formation of the adversarial team represent an important step in the right direction, as they will help ensure that the network is robust and reliable. Additionally, the implementation of new tools and the development of local fee markets will help make the network more efficient, allowing for more reliable transactions.

NFTs have become a popular way to promote products and services in the crypto space, and the Solana network is no exception. NFT marketing agencies are helping to promote NFTs on the Solana network, as well as on Twitter, providing users with the opportunity to gain exposure and reach a larger audience.

The Solana network is a promising project, and its recent updates suggest that it is on the right track. With the help of its dedicated engineering team, the network is well positioned to become a leader in the web3 space.

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