Mar 05, 2023

SEC’s Enforcement Risks U.S. Crypto Hub Status

Crypto firms may be deterred from setting up shop in the United States due to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) enforcement-heavy approach to regulation, according to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of blockchain-based digital payment network Ripple.

In a March 3 Bloomberg interview, Garlinghouse said that the SEC’s case against Ripple is indicative of their strategy of “attacking” the industry as a whole, and that if they are successful, there will be “a lot of other cases.” He went on to criticize the U.S. for being behind other countries like “Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland” in terms of crypto regulation, noting that they have taken the time to create “clear rules of the road.”

Garlinghouse also drew a comparison to the tech industry in the late 90s, when there were proposals to ban the internet due to “illicit activity.” Instead, the government chose to create a framework, leading to the emergence of companies like Amazon and Google. He believes that the same opportunity is currently on the table with crypto, and that the framework process should begin with outlining “clear protections for consumers.”

John Deaton, founder of legal news outlet Crypto Law Lawyer, took to Twitter on March 5 to call on companies in “active litigation” with the SEC to collaborate and develop “coordinated strategies,” saying it was “war.” This comes after Kristin Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association, told Bloomberg in a Feb. 22 interview that the crypto regulation process in the U.S. is happening “behind closed doors,” adding that it is vital for more industry involvement in an “open process.”

Garlinghouse believes that a decision should come this year in the SEC’s case against Ripple. He added that the lack of regulatory framework in the U.S. is causing consumers to suffer from a “lag” in terms of protection, and that this is putting the U.S. at “severe risk” of missing out on being an attractive hub for the next evolution of blockchain and crypto innovation.

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