Feb 26, 2023

Pfizer Joins Decentralized Science Movement, Funds Stroke Prevention Research

In a major move towards decentralization, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has become the first of its kind to vote on proposals from German blockchain-based organization VitaDAO. This collaboration comes as part of VitaDAO’s recent $4.1 million fundraising from strategic members, including Pfizer Ventures, Shine Capital, and L1 Digital.

The funds raised will be used to support research projects and spin out VitaDAO’s first biotech startups. This is part of a wider trend of decentralized science (DeSci) initiatives, which are gaining traction within the research community.

Alex Dobrin, community and awareness steward at VitaDAO, notes that Pfizer is now bringing in their own scientists to join with the community of researchers who are part of VitaDAO. This is part of the DeSci movement, which includes research & investment platforms, crowdfunding for scientific research, and scientist and researcher communities.

An example of this is GenomicDAO, a San Francisco-based platform launched on Feb. 19 by AI biotech company Genetica. This decentralized platform seeks to establish a community to drive and govern Asian-focused precision medicine initiatives. Its first subsidiary DAO is working on stroke prevention, with the aim of increasing awareness and R&D for ischemic strokes.

Worldwide, stroke is one of the most common causes of disability and vascular death. The American Heart Association reports that there were over 77 million ischemic strokes around the world in 2019. Asian populations have higher stroke incidences than Western populations, according to a study published in the Journal of clinical hypertension in 2021.

GenomicDAO claims that their combination of a network of research groups, institutions, organizations, scientists and medical experts with artificial intelligence can reduce the time to release a new product from 12–18 months to 4–6 months.

The platform also points out that monopolistic and centralized pharmaceutical companies lead to the stagnation of innovation, widening the gap in providing precision medicine to underrepresented populations.

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The DeSci movement is gaining momentum and is set to revolutionize the way we approach research and development. With the emergence of NFTs, web3 agencies, and NFT marketing agencies, we are seeing an increase in the use of decentralized technologies, which can help to promote innovation, reduce costs, and provide access to precision medicine to all.

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