Sep 08, 2022

How To Find The NFT Marketing Agency To Sell Your NFTs?

NFT marketing agency are a relatively new thing. This means that there is a lot of confusion out there as to which ones are worth your time and money. To help you choose the right agency, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask and questions not to ask when finding an agency for your business or brand.

What’s the Return On Investment?

The first thing you should look at is the ROI. We work on a rule of thumb of 3-6x Return On Marketing Investment during a slow NFT Winter for most projects, and higher at 5-10x during a bull run. But we have had exceptions to this with some projects making a 75x-100x ROI… Which is simply insane. To do this your project must hit a meme-worthy viral nerve in the Web3 community.

If you think about it even making a 3x in 3 months is a 1200% return in 1 year if you keep rolling… Not to mention an increase from compounding growth. Which makes NFT the most insane market you can be in right now. But a mistake some project founders make is either being too tight with their money, AKA they don’t spend enough money to get enough eyeballs on their project to even sell anything… Or they just determine which marketing they will use either based on the cheapest price or how many followers someone has.

Both these metrics are wrong and will leave the project dead in the water without any NFT sales… Which is exactly what happens to the majority of projects. If something seems too good, or too cheap to be true, it probably is. The only way to get extremely low costs when marketing NFTs is to cut corners or not deliver the job properly which leaves the invested money as waste. And when it comes to influencers promoting you… We rarely find any of them make you more NFT Sales than you spend on that influencer. They just aren’t typically worth it.

So what we need to actually look at when determining how much to invest into marketing is simple. If you want to make $100k, at a 3-6x ROI this means you need to spend at least $20-40k. If you want to make $1 mill… You need to spend at least 6 figures. If you have a smaller budget, you may need to aim for $50k earnings firsts then reinvest that back in and continue larger and larger.

Marketing is your oxygen. Development is secondary to selling out so investing $500k into dev and only $50k into marketing is a mistake. Your project will be left without any users or buyers and the development will be all wasted. Instead, we find projects have much greater success if they invest majority into marketing upfront and do the development AFTER the NFT sellout.

The point is… Instead of looking at who can do it cheaper or who can promise you the world… Look at realistic numbers and focus on what the ROI may be. Then give it everything you’ve got!

What will they do for my business?

Another important consideration is what kind of support will be available from the agency itself once they’ve been hired. Does their website offer resources on social media management or community building? Do they offer training programs so you can learn more about how their platform works?

Your answers should reflect what kind of value-adds you want from them as well as what kind of relationship Finding a good NFT marketing agency can be tough, especially if you’re new to the game. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. Once you will get the answer to these questions, then you can easily hire one.

Understand Your Needs

You need a team of people who understand what it means to work on nft launch and NFT marketing full-time. A lot of agencies use freelancers or contractors to help them with projects; however, this can lead to inconsistency in terms of quality of work and communication between team members—and also make it difficult to track down anyone who might be able to help you if you run into issues later down the road!

Experienced Professionals

You need an experienced team that understands both the technical side of things (like blockchain technology) as well as what works best for promoting NFTs within your industry or audience base (like influencers).
NFT Marketing agency is a form of digital marketing that allows you to use your digital assets to create custom digital merchandise on the blockchain. You can then sell these items to your audience, and the proceeds are yours and not tied up in the traditional model of media licensing. Also, NFTs are more engaging than static images, videos, and text.


Another important thing to consider when choosing an agency is their experience with working with NFTs. Does the company have experience with creating or managing NFTs? If not, then they may not be able to help you create something of quality and make sure it goes smoothly during its launch phase.

You want someone who can work with NFTs well and make sure everything goes smoothly when they’re launched into production; otherwise, neither you nor your buyers will enjoy using them!

Final Words

NFTs are a hot ticket item in the world of marketing: they’re a way to communicate with your customers, but they’re also an incredible way to reach new ones who may not have heard of you before. It’s important that your NFT marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

We recommend you consider the above-mentioned tips and tricks to hire the best NFT marketing agency. We recommend taking some time browsing their websites and reaching out on social media (or emailing them directly). At this point, you’ll want to determine whether or not they seem like a good fit for your project—they should be willing to do it.

Disclaimer: All investment or financial opinions expressed by MoonLanding Media are not recommendations and are intended for entertainment purposes only. Do your own research prior to making any kind of investment. This article has been generated based on trending topics, has not been fact checked and may contain incorrect information. Please verify all information before relying on it.