Mar 08, 2023

Mongraal Sells Dookey Dash Prize for $1.6M, Web3 Gaming Gains Momentum

The world of Web3 gaming is growing rapidly, and there have been a number of exciting developments in the space over the past few weeks. Here, we take a look at some of the top stories and events in the blockchain gaming space, as well as upcoming releases.

Fortnite Player Sells Dookey Dash Prize

In February, NFT behemoth Yuga Labs rolled out Dookey Dash, a skill-based game and NFT mint. Players had to navigate through the sewers, dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups, in pursuit of a golden key. Sewer Pass NFT holders competed for the top spot on the leaderboard and different prizes. The floor price for a pass currently stands at 2.4 Ether (ETH) ($3,888).

The top prize, “The Key,” went to Fortnite professional Kyle Jackson, better known as “Mongraal” on Twitch and YouTube. He listed The Key for sale on OpenSea and ultimately sold it for 1,000 ETH ($1.6 million) to American scrap metal CEO Adam Weitsman.

Yuga Labs’ chief gamer officer, Spencer Tucker, said the game is just the beginning of how the company is thinking of connecting the dots between NFTs, gaming and community engagement.

Dungeons & Dragons Reverses NFT Ban

Publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, was forced to walk back proposed changes to its Open Game License (OGL) in January, which included a ban on NFTs and other blockchain integrations. The changes impacted U.S. company Gripnr, which is building a D&D game with NFT integrations called The Glimmering. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Brent McCrossen, said Wizards has no broad right to prevent the use of Web3, blockchain, or NFTs in TTRPGs.

Square Enix to Launch NFT-based Game Symbiogenesis

Square Enix is set to launch its Ethereum-based game Symbiogenesis in Spring this year. The game will be set on a fantasy floating continent and players will have to unlock storylines through NFTs, which can be bought, traded or earned through completing missions. There are also two tokens, ZBUX and UNDEAD, which can be used to buy NFT weapons and upgrade, and staked for rewards, respectively.

Wagyu Games Rolls Out ‘Kill-to-Earn’ Zombie Shooter

Wagyu Games rolled out its first-person shooter zombie game, Undead Blocks, at the end of February. With all the hallmarks of a classic zombie shooter – including a multiplayer mode – Undead Blocks claimed around 2,500 active daily players during its beta. The full launch now includes “kill-to-earn” features for NFT holders. Players can earn in-game token ZBUX for slaying the living dead, which can be traded or used to buy NFT weapons and upgrade.

Hot Take — Illuvium: Zero

Illuvium rolled out the private alpha for Illuvium: Zero, a building sim based around collecting and processing natural resources on Illuvium land NFTs. Think SimCity BuildIt but more… purple. The game follows similar principles, with a select set of buildings you can add to your land, some of which require unlocking by building other buildings. The game has been the most popular of the three Illuvium has released, potentially due to its availability on mobile devices and the use of NFTs that players have already invested in.

What’s Coming Up

Gods Unchained announced plans for a mobile version in February and is rolling out the pre-alpha to active community members. Chain Monsters will hit the Epic Games Store on March 6. Illuvium’s fourth game, Illuvium: Beyond, will be a card-collecting game where players earn points based on how their cards are customized and by completing milestones within their collections.

The world of Web3 gaming is growing rapidly, and there have been a number of exciting developments in the space over the past few weeks. From Fortnite player Mongraal selling his Dookey Dash prize to Square Enix launching its NFT-based game Symbiogenesis, there is a lot to look forward to in the world of blockchain gaming. With companies like Illuvium, Wagyu Games, and Gods Unchained leading the way, it’s clear that the future of gaming is in the Web3 space.

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