Mar 03, 2023

Mercy Corps Ventures, Polygon Partner to Bring Blockchain Education to Underserved Communities

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are rapidly gaining traction as companies look to incorporate them into their operations. This growing trend has also brought with it the need for more education about the technology, which is why a new partnership between the Polygon blockchain network and Mercy Corps Ventures — the investment arm of the humanitarian organization Mercy Corps — has been formed. The goal is to bring blockchain education and opportunities to underserved communities.

The partnership has three primary objectives. These include providing funding for blockchain pilots that will give access to the financial system, hosting blockchain hackathons to involve developers in emerging markets, and creating a blockchain boot camp roadshow to provide educational and informational sessions for local educational institutions, NGOs and other organizations looking to improve operations through blockchain technology.

The effort is being supported by Mercy Corps Ventures’ Crypto for Good Fund II, which launched last month. The fund looks to launch a series of pilots utilizing blockchain technology to drive global financial inclusion and climate resiliency.

The partnership is also looking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency donations that have been made during times of crisis. Last month, Mercy Corps reported receiving a 50/50 split of funds donated by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which at the time was around $60,000 in total. Ripple also donated XRP (XRP) worth $1 million and highlighted Mercy Corps as one of the recipients of the funds.

The partnership between Polygon and Mercy Corps Ventures is a great example of how blockchain and Web3 solutions can be used to benefit those who are traditionally excluded and underserved. It also demonstrates the potential of cryptocurrency donations to help those in need in a timely manner.

The partnership is looking to create more opportunities for those in underserved communities to learn about blockchain and the potential of NFTs, crypto, and web3 technology. It is also looking to create more opportunities for people to sell NFTs, as well as to promote and market them. The partners are also looking to create a Twitter NFT marketing platform and an NFT marketing agency to help those in the web3 space.

By providing educational and informational sessions in the form of a blockchain boot camp roadshow, Mercy Corps Ventures and Polygon are looking to open the door for more people to benefit from the opportunities that blockchain technology can provide. Through the use of NFT marketing and promotion, as well as the creation of a web3 agency, the partners are hoping to make the technology more accessible to those who need it most.

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