May 04, 2023

“Mashinsky Seeks Dismissal of NY AG Suits”

Vladimir Mashinsky, the founder of web3 agency Credissimo, has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him by the New York Attorney General. Mashinsky claims that the lawsuit parrots misinformation and is baseless.

The lawsuit, which was filed in April 2021, alleges that Mashinsky and Credissimo had engaged in deceptive and fraudulent practices in connection with the promotion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Mashinsky and Credissimo had misled investors by claiming that their NFTs were backed by real-world assets, when in fact they were not.

Mashinsky has denied the allegations, arguing that the lawsuit is based on false information. He has stated that his company has never promised that its NFTs were backed by real-world assets, and that all of its promotional materials clearly stated that the NFTs were not backed by any real-world assets.

Mashinsky has also argued that the lawsuit is a violation of his First Amendment rights, as it seeks to punish him for exercising his right to free speech. He has stated that the lawsuit amounts to censorship, and that the New York Attorney General is attempting to stifle his right to express his opinions and to promote his products.

Mashinsky’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit is currently pending in the New York Supreme Court. It remains to be seen whether the court will grant Mashinsky’s motion, or whether the lawsuit will proceed.

In the meantime, Mashinsky and Credissimo have continued to promote their NFTs, using various channels such as Twitter and other social media platforms. Mashinsky has also hired a nft marketing agency to help with the promotion of his NFTs, and has been actively engaging with potential buyers.

Mashinsky and Credissimo have also been actively selling NFTs, with some of their NFTs being sold for millions of dollars. This has led to a surge in demand for NFTs, and has helped to increase the value of Mashinsky’s NFTs.

Mashinsky has stated that he believes the lawsuit is baseless and that it is an attempt by the New York Attorney General to stifle his right to free speech. He has also stated that he is confident that the court will grant his motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and that he will continue to promote and sell his NFTs.

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