Feb 23, 2023

Luxor Mining Acquires Bitcoin OrdinalHub Amidst Community Debate

The Bitcoin Ordinals launch in January sparked a lively debate in the crypto space about their place in the Bitcoin ecosystem. While some argued that they offer new use cases for Bitcoin, others felt that they detract from BTC’s peer-to-peer cash system vision.

Despite the controversy, the Bitcoin mining firm Luxor Mining recently announced their acquisition of OrdinalHub, the primary platform for Bitcoin NFTs. The announcement was made on Feb. 20, with 150,000 inscriptions (Ordinals) already made, a 15000% increase from the beginning of the month.

Nick Hansen, the CEO of Luxor, praised the innovative qualities of Ordinals and their potential to create “synergies between the firm’s mining pool and the OridinalHub.” He also noted that they open the door for “exciting new monetization strategies for Bitcoin miners.”

Indeed, Bitcoin miners have already made around $600,000 from Ordinals’ NFT transactions, and Bitcoin-based NFT inscriptions now take up more than half of Bitcoin block space.

OrdinalHub posted about the acquisition on Twitter, and responses from users were generally positive. However, some remained skeptical about the acquisition and the Ordinal buzz in general, saying the “hype might be over.”

It is true that the NFT market saw a decline in 2022, but according to a recent DappRadar report, they are making a comeback with a 37% increase in transactions from December 2022 to January 2023.

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The recent acquisition of OrdinalHub by Luxor Mining is a sign that the crypto community is taking NFTs seriously. With the increased demand for NFTs, it is likely that NFT marketing and promotion services will become more popular in the coming months.

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