Feb 22, 2023

LinksDAO to Pitch $900K Offer for Scottish Golf Club

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) operated golf startup, LinksDAO, is looking to make a major move in the web3 space. On Feb. 20, the DAO opened a proposal vote to purchase the newly marketed Spey Bay Golf Club in Scotland, which is worth an estimated $900,000.

The proposal vote has been met with great enthusiasm from LinksDAO token holders, with over 88% of the 4,100 holders already voting in favor of the purchase. If the final tally remains in favor, the LinksDAO acquisition committee will meet with the relevant parties to construct a “compelling offer” for the purchase of the club.

The golf course is located in Fochabers, Scotland, about three and a half hours away from Edinburgh. It is said to be “playable today” and its high ceiling to low price ratio makes it a worthy investment. LinksDAO compressed the voting window to 48 hours in order to act swiftly on the potential purchase, and is expecting to pitch an offer in the vicinity of $900,000.

LinksDAO officially established itself as a DAO in January 2022, after a $10.5 million fundraising effort. During this time, more than 9,000 of its “leisure” and “global” membership NFTs were sold on OpenSea in a short 24 hour period.

The DAO is now owned by 5,302 members, with an average floor price of 0.29 Ether (ETH), or about $480 at current prices. NBA superstar Stephen Curry is a notable figure to have invested in a LinksDAO membership.

The purchase of the golf course would be financed with capital from its fundraise, and the funds would be transferred from its treasury to a corporate bank account to support ongoing operations within 30 days of the purchase.

The potential purchase of the golf course would be a major milestone for LinksDAO, and a great opportunity to show the power of the web3 space. It would be the first ever golf course purchase for the DAO, and could potentially open up the door for more NFT marketing and promotion opportunities.

LinksDAO is a prime example of the potential of NFT marketing and promotion, as it has been able to successfully raise funds and acquire a large amount of token holders in a short amount of time.

The DAO has already seen success with its NFT marketing initiatives, as it has been able to attract the attention of a popular celebrity like Stephen Curry. This could be a great opportunity for LinksDAO to further its reach and success through NFT marketing and promotion.

The potential purchase of the golf course could be a great opportunity for LinksDAO to further its reach and success through NFT marketing and promotion. It could also be a great opportunity for the DAO to expand its operations and further its mission to build the “world’s greatest golf community”.

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