Feb 21, 2023

Korean (Kimchi) Premium Now a Discount

The “Kimchi premium” in South Korea, which refers to the phenomenon of Bitcoin (BTC) trading higher on South Korean exchanges than in other markets, has shifted to a discount, meaning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are now cheaper to buy on South Korean exchanges.

At the time of writing, CoinMarketCap showed BTC trading at $24,464 on Coinbase and $24,487 on Binance. In comparison, Korean exchange Bithumb had it listed at $24,386, while one of the largest exchanges in South Korea, Upbit, was trading Bitcoin for $24,405.

The same situation was true for Ether (ETH), the second-largest crypto by market cap. Data on CoinMarketCap showed ETH trading for $1,687 on Coinbase and $1,691 on Binance — but ETH was changing hands for $1,682 on Bithumb and $1,683 on Upbit.

Doo Wan Nam, chief operating officer of node validator and venture capital fund Stablenode, said the shift of the Kimchi premium to a discount marks a drop in interest from Korean retail investors.

“Generally it means a fall in interest in crypto from Korean retail, which ironically is generally a better time to buy because you know you can always sell yours to Korean gamblers for 20% premium later when they FOMO,” he said.

The Kimchi premium has been tied to news in the past, with notable dips recorded at times when bad news breaks about South Korean crypto exchanges. The premium disappeared in early 2018 when the South Korean government announced it was planning to crack down on cryptocurrency trading.

A 2019 paper from the University of Calgary found that the Kimchi Premium first occurred in 2016. According to the researchers, between January 2016 and February 2018, South Korean Bitcoin exchanges charged an average of 4.73% more than their United States counterparts.

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