Feb 16, 2023

Judge Dorsey Denies Appointment of Examiner for FTX Bankruptcy

On Feb. 15, Judge John Dorsey of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware denied a motion to appoint an independent examiner to oversee the FTX bankruptcy case. The judge argued that this would be an “unnecessary burden” on FTX’s debtors and creditors, citing the additional expense.

“Every dollar spent in these cases on administrative expenses is a dollar less to the creditors,” said Dorsey, adding that the cost of the investigation suggested by the Trustee at the hearing would likely exceed one hundred million dollars.

The motion was filed by U.S. Trustee Andrew Vara on Dec. 1, who argued that an examiner was in the best interest of the creditors. The Trustee suggested that an independent investigation could explore whether software was allegedly used to conceal the misuse of FTX user funds, as well as the absence of proper recordkeeping at the firm.

Judge Dorsey noted the experience of CEO John Ray, who took over other companies “in dire financial condition” and appointed four directors to oversee the silos compromising FTX following the removal of previous leadership — some of whom, including former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, have been indicted in federal court. He ruled that Ray was “completely independent of prior management and the companies he was appointed to lead.”

Bankruptcy proceedings for FTX have been ongoing since the firm filed for Chapter 11 in November 2022. Debtors in the case recently filed that they had issued subpoenas to FTX insiders, including Bankman-Fried, ordering the former executives to turn over certain documents and information.

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