Mar 04, 2023

Jack Dorsey’s c= Launches to Enhance Bitcoin Lightning Network

TBD, the blockchain division of Block (formerly Square), has launched c= (pronounced c equals), a new venture that aims to improve the Bitcoin Lightning Network. c= provides liquidity and routing services with the goal of making the Lightning Network more accessible for wallet users, businesses, and lightning node operators.

The Lightning Network (LN) is a layer 2 payment network that was designed to make it easier for people to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) into their lives. It enables faster, cheaper, and more reliable peer-to-peer payments. Since its launch, the LN’s liquidity and capacity have grown organically through real-world adoption. c= is one of the services that is helping to make the LN even more accessible.

The official announcement from c= reads: “We want to meet you where your lightning needs are. Are you a business looking to accept Lightning payments? A wallet in need of channels or inbound for your customers? A hardened plebnet veteran looking for your next big source?”

Jack Dorsey’s popular payments venture Cash App recently integrated crypto tax and accounting software TaxBit into its services. This move allows Bitcoin users an easy way to report taxes. Cash App launched its Bitcoin trading services in 2018 and rolled out BTC deposits the following year. The company claims to have over 10 million Bitcoin users.

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Overall, c= is a welcome addition to the web3 space. It provides a much-needed service that can help make the Lightning Network more accessible, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the coming months.

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