Apr 24, 2023

Grimes Offers 50% Royalties on AI-Generated Songs Using Her Voice

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated art has prompted a range of reactions from creatives in the industry. While some have expressed concerns about copyright infringement, others have embraced the fusion of AI and their intellectual property. Canadian musician and producer Grimes is among those who are open to the idea.

In a tweet, Grimes said that she would be willing to “split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song” that uses her voice. She added that she has no label and “no bindings” to any major entity in the music industry which could cause IP rights issues. The artist also expressed her interest in being a “guinea pig” to explore what creators can do with the technology and her support for open-sourcing art.

The announcement comes after music industry giant Universal Music Group sent an email to all major streaming services to block AI from accessing its catalogs for learning purposes. The company said it won’t hesitate to do what is necessary to protect its rights and those of the artists it represents.

In a separate statement from Grimes, she revealed that she is creating a voice simulation program along with a team of developers, which will be made publicly available.

The ability of AI to generate deep fakes utilizing images and voices of individuals has caused major ethical concerns. Recently a German tabloid used AI to generate a fake interview with the former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher. Google employees have also expressed their worries over the company’s forthcoming AI-chatbot.

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