Mar 18, 2023

GPT-4 Experiments Bullish on Bitcoin, Ether, and ATOM

The past seven days have been a rollercoaster ride for the crypto market, with various factors influencing prices. To better understand the potential biases of the latest version of artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, GPT-4, Cointelegraph conducted an AI-trading experiment. The experiment instructed the chatbot to allocate $100 to “make as much money as possible in the shortest time.”

GPT-4 was fed year-end round-ups for 2021 and 2022, along with Cointelegraph Markets news and most read stories over the past seven days. With the context in mind, it advised the $100 be allocated as follows: $50 to Bitcoin, $25 to Ether, $15 to ATOM, and $10 to “NFT and Web3 related projects.”

On Bitcoin, GPT-4 said that despite short-term volatility and a recent price drop, it still has strong long-term potential. It noted that Bitcoin acts as a safe haven during times of financial instability, such as the recent Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failures. Additionally, Bitcoin’s dominance is nearing 50%, and some analysts predict a move towards $100k.

GPT-4 suggested that Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade could strengthen its dominance and benefit liquid staking providers. It also recommended allocating $15 to ATOM, due to Cosmos’ launch of Interchain Security, which “could create potential growth opportunities for ATOM.”

The chatbot then suggested investing $6 in Decentraland’s MANA (MANA), given that “interest in virtual worlds and NFTs continues to grow,” and $4 in Chainlink’s LINK (LINK). It noted that with the growing adoption of Web3 and decentralized applications, the demand for reliable off-chain data will continue to rise, making the LINK token a good investment.

Cointelegraph made the purchases on an exchange immediately afterward and is now tracking the fund’s performance using a portfolio tracker. At the time of writing, there has already been a small paper gain.

This experiment is ongoing and more updates will be shared in the future. At the end of the experiment, any proceeds will be donated to a charity of the community’s choice. It is inspired by Twitter user Jackson Fall, who created “HustleGPT,” covering e-commerce.

The experiment is an opportunity to gain insight into GPT-4’s potential biases toward certain cryptocurrencies, how the events of last week could impact investment decisions, and whether it can adjust strategy to eventually turn a profit. It is also a chance to explore the potential of NFT marketing, crypto promotion, and web3 agency services, as well as the potential of selling NFTs. By understanding the current market conditions, as well as the potential of NFTs and web3, investors can make more informed decisions.

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