Mar 01, 2023

French National Assembly Passes Stricter Crypto Licensing Bill

The French National Assembly has passed a bill that will require cryptocurrency firms to follow stricter licensing rules in order to comply with proposed European Union (EU) regulations. The bill was passed with 109 votes (60.5%) in favor to 71 (39.5%) against, and is now awaiting approval from president Emmanuel Macron who has 15 days to either approve it or send it back to the legislature.

The new law, if passed, would oblige France-based crypto service providers to comply with anti-money laundering rules, ensure customer funds are segregated, adhere to reporting guidelines, and provide more detailed risk and conflict of interest disclosures to strengthen consumer protection. This would only apply to crypto firms that register from July 2023 onwards, and would not affect the 60 crypto firms already registered with the nation’s financial regulator, the Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

The legislative push for stricter licensing rules was initiated by Hervé Maurey, a member of the French Senate’s finance commission, who proposed an amendment to eliminate a clause allowing crypto companies to operate without a full license until 2026 in a parliament meeting in December last year. Bank of France governor, Francois Villeroy de Galhau, also pushed the agenda in a Jan. 5 speech to members of the finance sector in Paris.

The EU is set to vote on the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) bill in April, which would likely serve as the blueprint for crypto market regulation in the EU. However, Villeroy de Galhau believes that France cannot wait for the MiCA bill to come into effect, and that the stricter rules need to be implemented as soon as possible.

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