May 05, 2023

“Exploring Crypto Staking: Matt Leisinger on How to Attract Institutional Investors”

Cryptocurrency staking is gaining traction as a form of investment among institutional investors, and Alluvial, a software development company supporting the implementation of the Liquid Collective protocol, is making it easier for them to take part.

In episode 18 of Cointelegraph’s Hashing It Out podcast, Matt Leisinger, chief product officer at Alluvial, sat down with Elisha Owusu Akyaw to discuss the world of crypto staking and its potential to attract institutional investors.

Leisinger, who started his career in traditional finance and shifted to trading cryptocurrencies in 2016, explained liquid staking as a way for users to stake assets on the blockchain and mint a receipt token that represents the staked assets, which maintains liquidity while users earn rewards and secure the network.

He also shared his thoughts on the future of Ether staking after the Shanghai upgrade, which he believes will derisk participation in staking and attract interest.

Leisinger pointed out that while most institutional investors would naturally choose liquid staking, hurdles around Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements, transparency, tokenholder privileges, and counter-party risks must first be dealt with. He said that Alluvial provides a solution for enterprises by dealing with these hurdles that slow down adoption.

On regulations, Leisinger said that firms like Alluvial “really want” regulatory clarity. He explained that there are two types of staking: direct staking and actively managed staking. Both have different implications from a regulatory perspective around token ownership, security and transparency. He believes liquid staking is better positioned to withstand regulatory pressure due to its transparency.

Leisinger also admitted that a lack of regulatory clarity has had a chilling effect on institutional staking. He remains positive, however, that with new milestones like the Ethereum Shapella upgrade, more investors will be encouraged to take part.

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