Feb 23, 2023

DZ Bank to Fully Integrate Digital Currencies with Metaco

DZ Bank, the second-largest bank in Germany by asset size, has partnered with digital asset firm Metaco to offer digital currencies to its institutional clients. The collaboration will see DZ Bank integrate digital assets into its asset management services using Metaco’s Harmonize custody platform.

Nils Christopeit, an executive at DZ Bank, expressed the bank’s confidence in the Metaco platform. “We trust that this technology will enable us to create a durable and fast-growing business cooperation, as well as an attractive solution for our clients that can also meet the requirements of digital currencies and decentralized financial instruments,” he said.

Craig Perrin, Metaco’s Chief Sales Officer, was equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are excited to announce this cooperation as it further establishes Metaco as a market leader in Germany, trusted by some of the country’s largest banks and exchanges,” he said.

The collaboration with DZ Bank is the latest in a series of partnerships Metaco has undertaken in recent months. In February, the firm announced a partnership with German DekaBank to launch a blockchain-based tokenization platform. Additionally, Metaco has worked with Turkish automaker Togg to secure its smart contract-based auto mobility services and UnionBank of the Philippines to launch its custody and trading services for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

The move by DZ Bank to integrate digital currencies into its asset management services is part of a broader trend of financial institutions embracing the web3 space. As the demand for digital assets continues to grow, more financial institutions are turning to NFTs and other digital assets as a way to promote and sell their services.

NFTs, in particular, have become a popular way for companies to promote their products and services. For example, many companies are using Twitter NFT marketing to reach new customers and create buzz around their products. Additionally, NFT promotion is becoming increasingly popular, with many companies turning to NFT marketing agencies to help them create and promote their NFTs.

As more companies turn to NFTs and other digital assets to promote their services, the demand for digital asset management services will only continue to grow. With its partnership with Metaco, DZ Bank is well positioned to take advantage of this growing market and help its institutional clients access the digital asset economy.

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