Mar 04, 2023

Colombian Judge Holds Court Hearing in Metaverse

As the world continues to move more and more digital, it’s no surprise that even the legal system is starting to explore the possibilities of the metaverse. In Colombia, a judge recently held a court hearing in the metaverse as an experiment with the technology. It was a civil case involving a traffic incident, and it was a glimpse into the potential of the metaverse in the legal system.

Cointelegraph spoke with Carlo D’Angelo, a former law professor and crypto criminal defense lawyer, to better understand the potential role of the metaverse in the legal system. He pointed out that the Colombian court hearing was not far from what legal systems worldwide needed to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was to go digital.

He noted that while Zoom sessions worked for moving dockets and court hearings, he said with the technology we’re currently working with it is not well suited for jury trials. This is because of all of the in-person “subtle visual cues,” biases and verbal and non-verbal cues that are not picked up remotely, especially behind a metaverse avatar.

He continued to say that it may be possible to overcome some of these issues in a civil trial, though virtual criminal trials will continue to raise additional concerns, as a person’s freedom is on the line. He said that too many constitutional rights are at stake, such as a defendant’s right to be “present” at trial and the right to “confront” the prosecution’s witnesses under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. constitution.

D’Angelo said as both a lawyer and a “technologist,” he is bullish on the future of Web3 technology and how it can advance the legal profession. However, he believes there are still many challenges to overcome before courts adopt metaverse trials and hearings. He said the future of metaverse court hearings will largely depend on the mass adoption of AR/VR by the general public. If all parties involved are comfortable with the technology, he said, “maybe we will see metaverse hearings start to show up on court dockets.”

As the world of the metaverse continues to expand, so too does the potential for NFTs and crypto to be used as part of the legal system. NFTs can be used to promote and market legal services, as well as to facilitate the sale of NFTs. A web3 agency can help promote NFTs and provide NFT marketing services to legal firms. Twitter can also be used to promote NFTs and the services of a legal firm.

As the legal system continues to explore the potential of the metaverse, it’s clear that Web3 technology and NFTs will play a key role in the future of the legal system. With the right tools and resources, the legal system can use the metaverse to provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and secure way of conducting court hearings and trials.

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