Mar 03, 2023

Celsius Customers Withdraw Funds After 263 Days

Crypto customers were overjoyed after finally being able to withdraw their funds from the bankrupt Celsius Network, a web3 agency, 263 days after the lender froze withdrawals.

On March 2nd, customers who held funds in Celsius’ Custody accounts received an email allowing them to process their withdrawals. Many reported receiving their funds within minutes, while others experienced delays due to a backlog of withdrawal requests.

The email sent to eligible customers stated that those who had only ever held funds in custody accounts were able to withdraw 94% of their original funds, while those who had transferred funds from the earn or borrow programs to a custody account were able to withdraw 72.5% of their funds, up to a maximum of $7,575.

The withdrawals were only available to United States residents, much to the disappointment of customers with funds in other accounts offered by Celsius. Custody account holders may yet be able to get back the other 6%, pending future court hearings.

Celsius had first announced they would be freezing withdrawals on Jun. 13, 2022, citing “extreme market conditions,” before filing for bankruptcy on Jul. 13.

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