Apr 27, 2023

Celsius Creditors Seek Judge’s Help to Unmask Suspicious Traders

Creditors of Celsius Network are seeking assistance from a bankruptcy judge to unmask users who may have manipulated the price of the Celsius (CEL) token in 2022. They have requested permission to issue subpoenas to FTX, a crypto exchange, in order to obtain information regarding 10 cryptocurrency wallets that were allegedly involved in suspicious trades of CEL between April and August.

The creditors have employed the help of blockchain consultant Elementus to identify transactions that they believe are suspicious. Elementus identified 947 transactions involving a near one-to-one relationship of CEL Token deposits and withdrawals over three-day periods between ten private wallets and ten FTX-operated wallets, as stated in court papers filed on April 26.

The committee representing Celsius Network’s creditors is looking for information from FTX to determine whether the trades were legitimate or constituted market manipulation, such as wash trading. Additionally, they are requesting information regarding any short positions taken on CEL, which could have had a negative impact on its price.

FTX, which recently entered into a purchase agreement with an affiliate of Miami International Holdings to sell LedgerX, its futures and options exchange and clearinghouse, is awaiting approval from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. A hearing is scheduled for May 4.

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