Apr 21, 2023

California Regulator Accuses AI Crypto Trading Firms of Fraud

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) has issued desist and refrain orders against five entities who were using artificial intelligence (AI) to trade crypto assets. The companies, Harvest Keeper, Visque Capital, Coinbot, and QuantFund, as well as Maxpread Technologies and its CEO Jan Gregory Cerato, are accused of engaging in fraudulent investment schemes.

The DFPI stated that two of the firms had gone to great lengths to appear legitimate, such as creating professional websites, social media accounts, and promotions from influencers. Maxpread Technologies, for instance, used an AI-generated avatar called “Michael Vanes” to act as its CEO and promote its products. Meanwhile, Harvest Keeper was alleged to have hired an actor to play the role of its CEO Markus Peters.

The DFPI claims that the entities were taking advantage of the hype surrounding AI and luring in investors with the promise of “incredible returns”. They claimed to use their knowledge, skill, experience, and AI to trade crypto assets and generate profits for their investors. The regulator alleges that these claims are false.

Visque Capital, for example, offered a range of investment plans on its website, the most expensive plan claiming to give investors a return of up to 3% per day. Based on an initial investment of $50,000, the plan would supposedly give investors a return of around $270,000 after the full 180 days.

The DFPI noted that the schemes would appear to be working well initially, with early withdrawals processed and account balances steadily increasing. Eventually, however, withdrawals would not be processed and the website would go offline, leaving investors with no way to access their funds.

The DFPI is warning investors to be wary of companies claiming to use AI to trade crypto assets, as well as those offering “incredible returns”. They are also encouraging investors to do their due diligence and research any company before investing in it.

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In conclusion, investors should be aware of the risks associated with investing in crypto assets and should do their due diligence before investing. They should also be aware of companies claiming to use AI to trade crypto assets and should be wary of those offering “incredible returns”. Businesses looking to get into NFT marketing should consider working with a web3 agency to ensure their NFT marketing campaigns are successful.

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