Apr 26, 2023

Blockchain Technology to “Strengthen Trust and Ambition” in Climate Action: WEF Whitepaper

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released a whitepaper that outlines the role of blockchain technology in the global effort to fight climate change. The paper explains how blockchain can be used to strengthen trust and ambition within climate negotiations, improve market transparency and credibility, and funnel more funds to project developers. The paper also notes that blockchain democratizes access to climate action.

Brynly Llyr, head of blockchain and digital assets at WEF’s CISA, said that it’s important to consider emerging technologies that can help address climate change. Llyr explained that global climate infrastructure, tools, and coordination technologies can all help us keep up with our changing planetary ecosystem, and that blockchain and shared infrastructure technologies can be particularly helpful.

The whitepaper also highlighted the need for “constructive regulation” that supports digital climate innovation. Dana Gibber, CEO of the blockchain climate project Flowcarbon, noted that policymakers should consider the various applications of blockchain, not just the most prominent ones.

In line with this, crypto exchange Coinbase has taken action to fight for more regulatory clarity for the digital asset space in the United States. On April 25, the crypto platform filed a court action that aims to compel the Securities and Exchange Commission to its rulemaking petition, and it has also launched a Twitter NFT campaign that calls for more sensible crypto policies.

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The WEF whitepaper is an important step in the right direction, as it outlines the role of blockchain technology in the fight against climate change. With the help of NFT marketing agencies, businesses can now use NFTs to promote their products and services, and to help fund their climate action initiatives.

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