Mar 16, 2023

Bitcoin Soars to 2023 Peak Amid Inflation Data

This week, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a major surge as the US inflation rate for February matched market predictions. On March 14, the BTC/USD pair reached a peak of $26,550, the highest it has been since May 2022.

However, while the macroeconomic climate is currently favorable for risk-on investors, certain on-chain and market indicators are suggesting a possible correction soon.

There has been a significant increase in Bitcoin being transferred back to exchanges, meaning more supply and higher selling pressure. The coin days destroyed indicator has also seen a small spike, hinting that long-term holders may be taking profits, which could lead to a correction.

The funding rate for Bitcoin perpetual swaps has also risen, with more traders leveraging their positions and betting on the upside. This could be a sign of an upcoming correction.

The sharp price movement has also caused a large jump in the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a technical momentum indicator, to 82 — indicating that BTC/USD is “overbought” in the short term.

The price is currently forming a broadening wedge pattern, indicating the heightened level of volatility. Buyers have failed to break out of the pattern, and are now facing resistance at the ceiling of $26,700. If the price fails to break through, it may correct back to the bottom of the pattern at around $19,500.

However, if the price does break out, the bulls may push the price up to $30,000. Signs of this happening can be seen in the Bitcoin options and futures markets.

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It is important to remember that investing in crypto carries risk, and investors should always do their own research before making any decisions.

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