Apr 26, 2023

Bitcoin Rallies as U.S. Bank Fears Mount

Bitcoin (BTC) has surged over 3% in the last 24 hours following news of a potential bank failure at First Republic Bank (FRC). The bank’s shares closed down more than 50% on April 25, prompting speculation of a possible government receivership.

The Head of Research at Australian crypto education platform Collective Shift believes the rally in Bitcoin was an immediate reaction to Fox News Business Reporter Charles Gasperino’s breaking news. Receivership is a tactic used by creditors to recover funds from a potential default, and can help troubled firms avoid bankruptcy.

Data from crypto analytics firm Santiment suggested a diminishing correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P500, as the narrative of Bitcoin as a safe haven during a banking crisis began to gain traction.

The issues at First Republic Bank began in early March, resulting in 11 of the largest US banks, including J.P. Morgan and Bank of America Corp., depositing $30 billion in an effort to stabilize the institution.

However, on April 23, First Republic reported a total deposit drop of more than $100 billion in its first quarter earnings call, and announced it would be “pursuing strategic options” to improve its financial standing. These options include salary cuts, office lease reductions, and a potential 20-25% reduction in staff in the second quarter.

The banking crisis has taken a heavy toll on financial institutions in the US this year, with Silvergate Bank announcing closure on March 8 and Silicon Valley Investment Bank being shut down on March 10.

Despite the turmoil, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has maintained that the American banking sector remains robust and stable. She stated in remarks from the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) Council Meeting on April 21 that the banking system is “sound, with strong capital and liquidity positions”.

The news of First Republic Bank’s potential receivership has sparked a renewed interest in the web3 space, with many investors turning to crypto as a safe haven in the face of the banking crisis.

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