Mar 14, 2023

Bitcoin Flips Meta’s Market Cap

The week has been a tumultuous one for crypto, but despite the recent downfall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to rise above tech giant Meta, surpassing its market capitalization.

At the time of writing, Companies Market Cap, a real-time monitoring and ranking platform for cryptocurrencies, public companies, precious metals, and exchange-traded funds, shows that Bitcoin’s market cap has reached $471.86 billion, overtaking Meta’s $469 billion.

Just 24 hours earlier, BTC’s market cap was nearly $37 billion lower than Meta’s, but the cryptocurrency’s market cap rose 9.7% in the past day, pushing it to 11th place among the top assets by market cap, just below electric vehicle maker Tesla.

On Feb. 20, Cointelegraph reported that BTC had flipped the market cap of payment processing giant Visa for the third time in history, putting it just ahead of the payments company.

The gap between the two market caps is now more than $20 billion, though it is still significantly lower than gold, which is in first place with a $12.59 trillion market cap, followed by Apple in second place with a $2.380 trillion market cap.

Bitcoin’s price has also seen an increase of 8.72% in the past 24 hours, currently sitting at $24,441.

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