Feb 21, 2023

Bitcoin Fights Government Corruption, Restores Democracy

The chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein, recently argued that Bitcoin (BTC) can act as a barrier against government corruption and tyranny. Gladstein, who has been with the nonprofit organization since 2007, believes that the decentralized nature of Bitcoin is a powerful tool for protecting people’s rights.

“Where democracies have broken down, I do think it’s very clearly related to fiat currency, and I do think that Bitcoin fixes this in a way,” he said.

Gladstein believes that Bitcoin represents free speech, property rights, and open capital markets, all of which are stifling to a tyrannical government. He states that governments such as China and Russia need censorship, closed capital markets, and confiscation in order to survive, but Bitcoin makes it difficult for them to impose these restrictions on their people.

The Chinese government banned virtually all crypto transactions in 2021, but the upcoming crypto licensing regime in Hong Kong has led to speculation that China’s stance on crypto is softening. Russia’s major crypto law, “On Digital Financial Assets,” officially prohibited the use of crypto for payment purposes in 2020. However, Russians are still allowed to invest in crypto, and local crypto exchanges remain unregulated.

OpenNode, a Bitcoin infrastructure provider, has voiced similar opinions about the benefits of Bitcoin in evading authoritative crackdowns. In a 2021 post, OpenNode wrote that “one of the benefits of Bitcoin is its censorship resistance” and that it has become “the currency of choice for many individuals and organizations who have been left out of traditional payment methods.”

A February 2022 investigation by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic revealed that one of the biggest reasons for embracing blockchain-based fundraising was to avoid traditional accounts being closed by financial institutions.

Gladstein predicts that there will be more “trigger moments” in the coming years of people having “technical and liquidity trouble with traditional financial services,” which will result in more people shifting to BTC as an alternative.

“If there’s a conflict or a breakdown in trade or communications, you’re just gonna see a whole hell of a lot of problems, and every single one of those is like a moment that’s gonna mint a new Bitcoiner out of necessity,” he said.

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