Apr 25, 2023

Binance Introduces AI-Powered Crypto Mentor: “Binance Sensei”

The world of web3 has been abuzz since the release of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, late last November. Though the technology has been met with some resistance, it has been increasingly adopted by many.

The cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain developer Binance recently announced that they are integrating ChatGPT into their education platform, Binance Academy. On April 24, the company released a blog post introducing their new AI-driven tool, Binance Sensei.

Binance Sensei is a personal crypto assistant powered by AI. It is trained to educate users on more than 1,000 articles and courses available on Binance Academy. The bot uses machine learning to source answers from Binance Academy to answer user questions on various topics in the web3 space.

The Binance community has already begun to react to the news of the AI-driven coach with users questioning allowing a “robot to be our teacher.”

BigTech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Alibaba have announced their own versions of ChatGPT. AI has also been implemented to bring more efficiency to the memecoin community.

However, the increased usage of AI has sparked concern over its capabilities if left unchecked. Italy was the first to put a brief ban on the usage of the technology, while other regulators across the European Union have decided to probe the AI-algorithms of BigTech companies.

Industry insiders are speculating an upcoming regulatory crackdown on AI as it becomes more pervasive. Authorities in China are also set to enforce mandatory security reviews for all AI services in the country.

The use of AI in the web3 space has been growing and this is especially true for the NFT (non-fungible token) market. AI has enabled NFTs to be sold more efficiently and effectively. AI-driven tools have been used to help NFT creators and sellers to promote their NFTs on social media platforms such as Twitter. AI-driven marketing agencies have been created to help sellers with their NFT promotion and marketing.

AI has also been used to create NFTs that are more engaging and interactive. AI-driven tools have been used to create NFTs with interactive elements such as games and puzzles. This has enabled NFTs to become more engaging and attractive to potential buyers.

AI has been a major driver of growth in the web3 space and it is likely to remain so in the future. As AI continues to evolve, it is likely to open up new possibilities and opportunities for web3 developers and businesses.

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