At MoonLanding Media we’ve built a team of strictly the best specialists in the industry, with real-world skills and experience in taking projects from conception through to execution.

The MoonLanding Media team, now spanning over more than 130 people, focus’ their life on this emerging industry with a relentless pursuit of results. This means when you want to build a wildly profitable NFT, Web3, Crypto or Blockchain project,  you have the best of the best to get you there.



Meet the Team


Madeleine is a dynamic and experienced Marketing machine with over ten years of experience in leading high-performing teams and huge global brands. With a history in innovator and challenger business models (one of which has claimed a Marketing Award three years consecutively), Madeleine remains focused on emerging trends and disruptive techniques to stay ahead of the curve, to deliver the best possible ROI for NFT, Crypto & Blockchain projects.

Sian "Phoenix" Elizabeth

Phoenix is an innovative technology expert with 8 years experience in SaaS, PropTech, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Phoenix is an avid Crypto Investor and Crypto Educator hosting workshops for enterprises seeking to adopt Blockchain Technology. She is a seasoned Sales Manager specialising in building and leading high performing sales teams with strong deal flow and valuable enterprise partnerships. Phoenix is the Co-Founder & CRO of a Crypto Payment Gateway, DeFi Platform and Metaverse Project.


Riley is an experienced Entrepreneur and Web3 Expert. He grew a self-funded Sales & Marketing agency to 30 staff as CEO for 4 years, and is now a key founder and advisor behind multiple Web3 Projects ranging from Crypto Exchanges, Merchant Crypto Gateways, DeFi Protocols, NFT Projects, and a Metaverse projects. Riley is a robotics engineer by trade, 3x award-winning viral marketer, Top 100 Global Facebook Ads Experts, Co-Founder of Australian Blockchain Hub, and an enterprise blockchain consultant with a proven record in building high-performing organizations.

BR Alpha Boss

Alpha Boss is the team lead for our Alpha Communities, helping to get your project featured in up to 300 Alpha Investor Groups and Blue Chip projects like Azuki, BAYC, Neo Tokyo, Doodles, and more. If you’re looking for the Alpha Collab Advantage™ – let Alpha Boss bring thousands of new buyers into your project through Alpha Collabs


A blockchain and cryptocurrency lover, Chrissy is an insightful marketing executive with 9+ years’ experience and extensive leadership experience, directing the development and execution of communication and marketing strategies. Core strengths include multi-channel strategy, influencer marketing and social media management. If you want your project to stand out in the market, Chrissy delivers disruptive strategies and out of the box thinking. 

Shane Fonseka

Shane is a Web3 degen, artist, producer and marketing consultant with seasoned experience in prestigious global corporate consulting firms Accenture and KPMG. He understands communicating a product by building narrative, visuals, messaging and targeting niches. He is experienced across NFTs, with extra experience in branding, music, fashion and sports sectors.


Jason Mottlee is an entrepreneur, Business Coach & avid Crypto Investor. Jason is most famous for his ability to take a product, add a zero, and then still help you sell more than before at the new 10x price. Jason has an unquestionable ability to get serious results. He teaches other entrepreneurs how to level up and scale at a serious pace.


Monique is an extremely skilled performance media manager responsible for a first-class team of media buyers. Her core marketing skills include brand management, lead generation, end-to-end campaign delivery, and specially crafted content, which complements her ability to project manage and lead a well-organized, high-performing team. Monique is a savage at selling out Web3 Projects.


Patrick has spent the last 15 years being widely sought after by businesses across the globe, for his exceptional ability to lead, think strategically, and create powerful change in those whom he affects. 

Having grown his own very successful businesses, Patrick is a highly trained Consultant, Coach and Leader for those seeking to develop and improve themselves and their business, helping you become your best you. An avid blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate.


Uprise, dubbed the ‘King of Discord Degens’, is the best in the business when it comes to setting up, growing, and optimising your Discord community for NFT’s, Metaverse, Crypto & Web3. Starting with years of experience building powerful discord communities for gaming, Uprise has focussed on Web3 since 2020 and been behind some of the spaces most successful sellouts and 10x to 100x launches with powerful NFT marketing and communities.


Pavel is one of the finest and most expensive technology and data science genius “quants” with experience ranging from Microsoft to Google, Banking to Telecom, Blockchain to Social Media.

Pavel loves gives clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace, by allowing advertising to be accurately measured and calculated through proprietary artificial intelligent programs, for the highest possible return in ad spend available.


DeFi God is as real as it comes. As one of the very few people holding his Doctors of Blockchain, DeFi God is a hardcore blockchain developer, team leader and architect in the Web3 space. Having worked with huge projects like Chainlink; building and launching his own NFT collections, a Decentralized Exchange, and various GameFi and Play to Earn games… DeFi God is your blockchain tech expert.


Mandy is an artist and an avid explorer, she likes to call herself “a decentralized citizen of the world” having visited 24 countries within the last couple of years. With a true passion for marketing, she learned to build and monetise websites at a young age and later on expanded her knowledge of digital marketing.

With a proven track-record in generating strong results in the past 7 years, Mandy has also had the opportunity to develop advertising campaigns for some of the world’s largest retailers like Costco and Best Buy. Some of her specialties include social media marketing, content creation, lead generation, and filling whitelists.


Meta Wizard is one of those rare few degens who actually understand what’s going on in the Metaverse.  As a project manager, 3D architect, NFT designer, Metaverse & Virtual Reality builder and game designer, Meta Wizard and his team can build any 3D metaverse, Gaming, or Virtual Reality solution you require.