Feb 16, 2023

83% Find Crypto Interest Attractive in Partners

Cryptocurrency has become more than just a financial asset – it has become a way to express love. A Valentine’s Day survey conducted by Binance revealed that having an interest in crypto could be a major factor in a relationship with like-minded partners.

The survey, which posed nine questions to 2,600 participants aged between 18 and 46, found that 83% of respondents considered it attractive when their partner had an interest in cryptocurrencies. 70% of survey participants said they would be more interested in dating someone who shared their interest in crypto, and 60% of respondents said that crypto interest made potential partners more appealing.

The survey also revealed that 38% of participants had partners with equal interest in crypto, and 27% had introduced their partners to Web3, crypto and blockchain.

Cryptocurrency has become a popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day, with 83% of the respondents indicating that they’d prefer to receive a crypto gift card over roses or chocolates.

American socialite Paris Hilton married crypto, blockchain and Valentine’s Day in 2023 when she hosted a virtual reality dating experience show in The Sandbox.

The survey results show that having an interest in cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly attractive to potential partners, and that crypto is becoming a popular way to express love. NFTs, in particular, have become a great way to promote and market crypto, with many companies using Twitter NFT marketing and NFT marketing agencies to help them reach a wider audience.

Whether it’s to buy a crypto gift card, to express love through NFTs, or to share a passion for Web3, it’s clear that cryptocurrencies are becoming an important part of relationships.

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