Feb 16, 2023

83% Attracted to Crypto-Savvy Partners on Valentine’s Day

Romantic partners who have an interest in the web3 space might be more attractive than those who don’t, according to a Valentine’s Day survey conducted by Binance. The survey, which posed nine questions to 2,600 participants from February 6th to February 9th, revealed that having a partner who likes cryptocurrencies is an attractive feature.

83% of respondents said that having an interest in crypto was important to them in a relationship, and 70% said they would be more likely to date someone who was also interested in cryptocurrencies. 60% of respondents noted that a knowledge of crypto made potential partners more appealing, as it indicates a person is tech-savvy and open to technological advancement. 38% of surveyed individuals said their partners had equal interest and passion for crypto, while 27% revealed they had introduced their partners to Web3, crypto and blockchain.

It seems that receiving cryptocurrencies as a gift was preferred to roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, with 83% of the respondents indicating that they’d prefer to receive a crypto gift card.

American socialite and serial entrepreneur Paris Hilton also married crypto, blockchain and Valentine’s Day in 2023, hosting a virtual reality dating experience show in The Sandbox. The show, which was a promotion for her NFT, was a unique way to combine the worlds of romance and crypto, and highlighted the importance of NFT marketing in the web3 space.

For those looking to promote their NFTs, a NFT marketing agency can help to create a successful strategy. This includes using social media platforms such as Twitter to reach a wider audience. A web3 agency can also provide advice on the best ways to sell NFTs, as well as offering guidance on the technical aspects of the process.

Cryptocurrencies have already become an important part of the web3 space, and it seems they could also become an important part of relationships as well. The survey conducted by Binance has revealed that having an interest in crypto is a desirable trait in a partner, and could be the key to finding love in the digital age.

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