Feb 28, 2023

80% Believe Financial System Favors Powerful, 20% Own Crypto: Survey

A recent survey of more than 2000 American adults has revealed that 80% of respondents believe that the current financial system favors those with “powerful interests”, and that 20% of them currently own some form of cryptocurrency.

The survey, commissioned by crypto exchange Coinbase, was conducted by business intelligence firm Morning Consult and was aimed at examining the perception of the global financial system and how United States adults and crypto investors viewed the future of the crypto market and exchanges.

The survey results were largely positive, with 67% of respondents calling for major changes or a complete overhaul of the financial system. Despite the recent FUD and bad news coming out of the crypto space, 20% of respondents said they still own crypto, and nearly a third plan to buy, sell, or trade crypto in the next year.

Younger generations were found to be the most likely to own crypto, with 36% of Gen Z and 30% of Millennials currently owning some form of cryptocurrency. Minority groups were also found to be more likely to hold a favorable view of crypto and be optimistic about the future of the asset.

Current crypto investors also remain optimistic about the future, with 65% agreeing that the market’s best days are still ahead, and 76% believing that crypto and blockchain are the future.

The survey also found that more Americans would be interested in entering the crypto space if exchanges were more trusted and secure. 67% of the general population flagged secure and reliable exchanges as important, while 91% of crypto investors said a trusted, secure platform is vital to the crypto market.

With the current financial system viewed as unfair and the potential of crypto to bring about change, the crypto space is likely to continue to see an influx of new investors. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular and crypto marketing agencies are popping up to help crypto projects promote and sell their NFTs. Twitter NFT marketing is also becoming a popular way to promote NFTs, with many NFT marketing agencies offering services to help projects promote their NFTs on the platform.

As the crypto space continues to grow, it is likely that more investors will enter the market and demand for secure and reliable exchanges will only increase.

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