Feb 17, 2023

$4.6 Billion Invested in Suspected Crypto “Pump and Dump” Schemes

Cryptocurrency investors were duped out of an estimated $4.6 billion in 2022, with the majority of the losses stemming from “pump and dump” schemes.

According to a recent report from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, nearly 10,000 tokens launched on the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains last year have been identified as potential “pump and dump” schemes.

In a “pump and dump” scheme, the creators of a token use a combination of false statements, hype, and FOMO to entice investors to buy in, while they secretly sell their stake in the scheme at an inflated price.

Chainalysis estimated that investors spent $4.6 billion on the more than 9,900 tokens identified as potential pump and dump schemes. Of the 1.1 million tokens launched in 2022, only 40,500 were deemed “worth analyzing” as potential pump and dump schemes.

The most prolific creator Chainalysis identified was suspected of launching 264 such tokens last year, and the firm estimated that just 445 individuals or groups were behind the tokens. These creators are suspected to have made a collective $30 million in profits from selling their holdings.

Despite the concerning statistics, Chainalysis also reported that revenues from crypto scams were cut almost in half in 2022 due to depressed crypto prices.

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